Our Staff

   Shihan Luis Gonzalez

    Shihan is the master instructor at Sanchin.
    50 Years in the martial arts.
    7th Degree Black Belt Hayashi- Ha Shito Ryu Karate.
    5th Degree Black Belt Okinawan Weapons.
    National director for our style of weapons Kenshin Ryu.
    3 times National Weapons Champion.
   Technical weapons adviser for Texas USANKF.
   Master of Arts in Education UTSA and Bachelor of Arts,     Physical Education UT Austin.
   Trained in Japan under the late Grandmaster Teruo            Hayashi.

Sensei Mike Weaver

Owner and Head Instructor

45 Years in Martial Arts.
 8 years martial arts director for after school program in   25 public schools. 
 2017 Instructor of the Year Recipient Universal Martial   Arts Hall Of fame .
 6 time inductee in Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall   Of  Honors.  
 Inductee in Brotherhood of Martial Artists Hall Of  Fame. 
 Member of Bushidokan Martial Arts Association Board   Of Directors. 
 U.S.A. National Karate Federation (USANKF)  Texas Certified Judge. 
Texas USANKF San Antonio Representative .
Former Adjunct karate teacher at Northwest Vista College.

 Sensei David Hardwick

David is a 5th degree black belt. He assists with our Tuesday/Thursday Karate and Kobudo (weapons) classes. He has 48 years in the martial arts and holds a 5th degree in Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu along with first degrees in 2 other styles. He has  tournament judging experience and has won over 60 medals and 34 trophies in competitions over the years.

  Leticia Gonzalez 

         3rd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Robert Saenz

Robert is a 4th degree black belt and has extensive knowledge in karate and weapons. He has been with us since we opened in 2006. 

Sensei Ed De La Garza

Ed is the lead instructor for our self defense program. He has a strong background in Japanese Ju Jitsu and knife defense.

Sensei Sierra Luna

Sierra is a world champion martial artist with numerous medals. She is the co-director of our competition training program and the owner of Sanchin Dojo Connection.

 Diana Quintanilla

Diana is our administrative assistant and the backbone of our office.

                                               Our Junior Instructors

        Corey Hardy

      Trevor Clayton

      Damien McKinney

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