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Sanchin Karate

Sanchin is the name of a Japanese karate self-defense form (kata) that means to strengthen and unify the mind, body, and spirit. This is our mission! Through our comprehensive program (using traditional Japanese karate, ancient Okinawan weapons, character development, fitness, health, and nutrition, as well as motor development), we aim to do just that: Strengthen and unify the mind, body, and spirit of each of our students.

This will be a fun, and yet, powerful learning experience that will not only positively effect our students now, but have a profound effect that will carry them throughout their lives. Thank you for joining us in this pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining Sanchin Karate Dojo.

  • Members of Japan Karatedo Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu, Headquartered in Osaka, Japan
  • Members of Japan Karatedo Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu USA
  • Members of the USA National Karatedo Federation
  • Over 47 Years of Professional Experience!
  • Fun, Safe and Positive Environment!
  • Appropriate and Practical Curriculum for All Ages!


Hello, my name is Scott Carpenter.

I've been involved in martial arts in advanced disciplines for 15 years.

My 8-yr. old daughter (Lila) has been enrolled two years now full-time at Sanchin Karate's Dojo (venue includes: traditional Japanese Karate and Okinawan Weapons training, after-school programs, summer camps, life skills-ethics, and most importantly…HAVING FUN!!!). The highly-skilled degreed Master, Sensei(s), and dedicated staff at Sanchin are simply the best resources for this art a parent can find here in San Antonio, or anywhere for that matter.

Further, the facilities, scheduling, transportation and communication are unparalleled in quality. It has been a total joy to see my daughter grow in confidence, integrity, life-skills, and in gaining many good friends within the Dojo.

A big thanks from my wife and I for your excellence now and in the future to come. Take care…

Scott and Joan Carpenter (August 2014)

Dear Sanchin Karate Cadre,

We just wanted to thank you for the kind, caring, and professional instruction our 9 year old daughter Alana received at your dojo. Under your tutelage she was able to thrive and learn discipline and respect for both staff, and the institution of karate.

As much as we treasure her and want to recognize her talents as parents, we were also very pleasantly surprized at her accomplishments in just one year. These include passing several belt levels, breaking boards, and winning second place in Kata (forms), and third place in Kobudo (weapons) for her age group in the recent state championships held here in San Antonio.

For those who are looking for an after school martial arts training program, Sanchin will absolutely surpass expectations. For those wishing to learn the art of Karate, you will be more than pleasantly surprised. The philosophy of Sanchin and the dedication of the Sanchin staff promote positive life lessons. The students who attend your Dojo will carry these lessons forward into their individual lives and collective communities.

Very Sincerely,

Carl J. Pfeifer and Diane Schwartz

"Thank you very much for the amazing instruction and very positive influence you provide our children."


Melinda Brown

"Shihan Gonzalez your karate school looks awesome!! You are a great teacher and master!! One of the best in the U.S."

Thanks Shihan!

Henry Cabrera, Phoenix, AZ

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