Sanchin Karate will strengthen your mind, body, and spirit

We are a part on an international Karate organization with headquarters in Japan.Join us and become a part of a worldwide karate family!

We offer special student rates and family discounts. Please call for pricing!

 We Offer Other programs as well
  • Women's only Karate class now forming
  • Traditional Okinawan Weapons Training
  • Black Belt Club
  • Leadership Club
  • Advanced Self Defense Classes
  • Competition Training- geared towards tournaments
  • Private Lessons upon request 

Free Trial Class

 We’re always happy to welcome enthusiastic new additions to our classes. Are you ready to learn karate? Then come have an intro lesson and get to know our team.
Benefits Of Karate

Total Body




Special Recognition 

World Games Medal Winner

 Congratulations to Sensei Sierra Luna for 2 first place medals and 2 second place medals in the World Games at Orlando Florida!

Instructor of the year

Congratulations to Sensei Mike Weaver for instructor of the year 2017 awarded by the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame!
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